Qroom Privacy Policy

Effective as of July 31, 2017

  1. Introduction
  2. User information
  3. Purpose
  4. Storage of information
  5. Other sites
  6. Minors
  7. Security and confidentiality
  8. Data transfers
  9. Cookies
  10. Data privacy regulations
  11. Notifications


This document is an integral part of the QROOM Terms and Conditions. When the User accepts these Terms and Conditions, is accepting the Privacy Policies contained herein.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy") will apply to QROOM users, even if they are not properly registered Forward, all of them, the "Users"). The remaining definitions used in the Terms and Conditions of QROOM are applicable in this Privacy Policy as it is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of QROOM.

Through our Privacy Policy, we inform you as a User of QROOM of the way in which the Company collects and treats your personal information and the actions you have with respect to the use of your personal data.

QROOM may periodically modify this policy in order to reflect changes in its service, Terms and Conditions of use of QROOM and/or applicable regulations and to report on the manner in which we proceed with respect to the use of the information that QROOM stores, include the treatment of new subjects, as well as inform the type of technologies that the Company uses in the treatment of their personal data.

User information

The User acknowledges and agrees that QROOM may collect and store information about Users at the time of registration on the Site (the "Data"). We may also collect and store personal information if we have obtained it from unrestricted public access sources, and/or from third party sites authorized by the user, such as Facebook among other social networks. The Data, when it is not a question of data obtained from sources of unrestricted public access, will be treated in a confidential way and with the necessary security measures that are detailed below.


You expressly agree that QROOM may collect and use the Data for the following purposes:

  • Identify Users and their devices;
  • Manage and store the accounts of the Users of QROOM and related services, own or outsourced, such as customer service, call centers, payment services, as well as billing services and billing services contracted to QROOM by the User, among others;
  • Provide suggestions for information, music or content for the User;
  • Send notifications and promotional information about products and/or services of the Company, with an option for the User to cancel or unsubscribe;
  • Analysis and monitoring of the use of QROOM;
  • Use of various services operated by QROOM, in order to provide the services more efficiently.

Moreover, You expressly agree that QROOM may access certain services, controls and tools on your mobile device, including but not limited to background playback, photos and camera, for the purpose of fully operating QROOM on your device.

The Company will use the Data provided by the User and collected and stored by the Company in accordance with the provisions of these Privacy Policies and current regulations and will not disclose it except in compliance with legal procedures such as a search warrant, of administrative authorities that may be considered valid under the applicable laws. The company may also disclose personal information of Users in situations that compromise the safety of QROOM in the event of an attempt to break, or physical danger or threat against you or other users, our own protection and/or third parties.

Storage of information

The Company will not be obliged to retain the information during any established period and will dispose of it when it deems it appropriate.

Other sites

In QROOM You may find links to third-party sites, some of which may request information about users and/or use technology for the collection and storage of data. We do our best to prevent the collection of personal information about our users, within our technological possibilities, but we do not assume responsibility for the actions and/or violations that those sites could commit. You acknowledge that the Company has no control over such third party sites, and You acknowledge and agree that the Company is not responsible for the availability of third party sites and does not endorse or be responsible for the use of data that such sites may perform . For this reason, we advise that before supplying any type of information to a linked site, check the privacy policy that these sites handle.


The Site and/or Services are only allowed to those who are 13 years old or older and are not legally inhibited or otherwise prohibited from exercising legal acts, rights and/or obligations. In this regard, minors under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter the Site and/or Services or to provide any personal information or other information.

Security and confidentiality

Protecting your security is fundamental to QROOM, so the Company has adopted reasonable security measures to our technological and economic scope to protect the information and privacy of our Users and QROOM, and prevent unauthorized access to your data or Any unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction thereof. With the sole limit of the technological resources available to QROOM, the Company has contracted adequate and reliable technological support services to ensure that the information that travels from your computer and/or any other device to the servers we use and vice versa is Transmitted in the safest way possible within the possibilities of monitoring the Company.

Likewise, the information collected and stored by the Company will be kept strictly confidential. Access to personal data is restricted to those employees, contractors and representatives of the Company who need to know such data to perform their functions, develop and/or improve our services. The Company demands from its suppliers the same confidentiality standards. The Company does not allow access to this information to third parties outside the Company, except for an express request of the User or in compliance with legal procedures such as a search warrant, a court order, or at the request of administrative authorities that may Be considered valid under applicable laws. The company may also disclose personal information of Users in situations that compromise the security of QROOM in the event of an attempt to break, or physical danger or threat against you or other users, our own protection and/or third parties.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, although QROOM makes every effort to protect its information and privacy, the Company reminds its Users that the care of their privacy and online security also depends on You and how you use your own information, as well as how you use the devices and/or programs and/or networks when conducting online transactions. In this regard, QROOM always suggests using secure Internet devices and connections when entering your credit card data and/or other bank details to make payments on the payment platform, to protect your security.

Data transfers

The Company will not sell, rent or share the User Data except those cases expressly provided in the Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding this, the User expressly agrees that the Company may transfer all or part of the User's data to any of its controlled, controlling and/or affiliated companies.


The User acknowledges and agrees that QROOM may use cookies to provide Users with a more complete service, remembering their preferences. The information that QROOM collects may include browsing behavior, IP address, logs, and other types of information. However, the Company will not collect personally identifiable information directly from any User using cookies or tags.

Users may choose to have their Internet browser not identified by the QROOMs. In such case, the User must go to the help section of his browser.

Data privacy regulations

The site complies with the requirements indicated by the regulations on the protection of personal data and consumer rights.

Regarding Users of Argentina, you can access the website of the regulatory agencies where you can also consult the current regulations:

Users will have the right to make responsible use of their account on the website. At any time, the User may request the removal as User and the removal of his account and information from the Company's database, as well as access and update his personal data. For those users residing in Argentina, the holder of the personal data has the right to exercise the right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest to the effect is established as established in the Article 14, paragraph 3 of Law No. 25,326 of the Argentine Republic. The enforcement authority (in Argentina, the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, Law No. 25.326), has the authority to deal with complaints and claims that are filed in relation to non- compliance with regulations for the protection of personal data.

To these effects, the User must send his Request by sending an email with the subject "Access to Personal Data" to hi@qroom.co. The Company may require such User to identify, which may be verified by the Company, as well as to specify the personal data to which they wish to access, rectify or remove.


For any concerns or complaints of violation of this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: hi@qroom.co.